Listing Your Home: 0% Vs. 6% Commission

As a homeowner in this tough economy, you are no doubt looking to sell for the most amount of money and as quickly as possible. By now you are probably aware of the growing popularity of discounted commission being offered by many real estate agents. Why and who should be considering a discounted fee? What do you get with a discounted commision or flat fee listing fee vs. a full 6% commission?

The seller that should be considering a discounted fee will have to determine his/her needs and wants before making their final decision. They must also pay attention to their home and determine what type of marketing would be the best fit. If a seller is trying to earn back as much money as possible (not bringing money to the table) then a discounted listing would definitely be beneficial to his/her pockets. It’s very important for sellers to interview their agents and ask them exactly what type of services they will be receiving with a discounted/flat fee. Also, please keep in mind that a lot of the service you receive depends on the agent you select. Some agents are contempt with listing your home on MLS, complete with horrible pictures and never do anything else to “market” your home all for a full 6% commission. There are agents, who even though they are receiving a discounted/flat fee will go above and beyond. Money is money and it costs work to earn it!  However, if your home will require extensive marketing because it belongs on a higher end of the sales price bracket than you might want to consider the full price listing. The amount of work and agent’s money that goes into marketing a higher priced listing is more extensive because the numbers of potential buyers are limited.

Below you will find some Flat Fee Plans offered by VIP Premier Realty.