B-Day @ RA Sushi

Happy B-lated to me! Myself and a handful of girlfriends headed to RA Sushi, City Centre location in order to celebrate. Thanks to my super power senses I could smell the mango concoction my friend was drinking in front of me the entire time but alas….it was an alcoholic beverage and being that I am 7 months pregnant I had to refrain. I indulged in Edamame for starters, and signature dishes Viva Las Vegas Rolls and Crazy Monkey Rolls (I shared). I was really looking forward to our night at City Centre not only because of the wonderful food and great laughs but I love the location. It is so much closer to my home (North Houston), you’re surrounded by young people during the night but not too young so that you feel like an elder and everything is in close proximity, there’s parking etc.; I guess at my age (27) I don’t have the desire to head anywhere that involves fighting for parking or walking long distances, I need everything to be in close proximity. I love going there during the day and watching my son run around, go to the toy store, go shopping, grab a bite to eat. It’s perfect. Located near an extremely desirable neighborhood, Bunker Hill, it was definitely a great development for the Houston area.