October Fun in Houston



I love fall weather in Houston, to most northern states our fall weather is regular summer weather and I love it for that reason. Fall in Houston is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities that summer doesn’t allow. Case in point, Dewberry Farm!

 My family and I tend to travel up north for Halloween, we attempted the Pumpkin Patch up there but 40-degree weather and slight rain made it unenjoyable to say the least. We went to Dewberry Farm (FM 362 and Morrison Road Brookshire TX) last weekend and it was a great time. True to their bio, they send your kids home dirty and exhausted, as a parent, that’s all I ask. It’s the perfect place to plan your own photo ops! As many parents had they’re heavy duty cameras out and ready to capture priceless moments. I forgot to charge mine so I had to settle for IPhone pics. There are many free activities that don’t require additional charges (tokens) but the tokens can be used for everything so it worked out great for us, as we went home with two pumpkins. The food is food and after hours of walking in the heat it was delicious (pizza and fries). All in all, I absolutely enjoyed it, as did my kids, especially my toddler, though the baby did appreciate the action!

Directions From Houston:
West on I-10 4 miles past Katy to Pederson Rd. [Exit 737]
Right on Pederson for 1/4 mile to Hwy 90.
Left on Hwy 90 for 1/2 mile to Hwy 2855.
Right on Hwy 2855 for 5 miles to Hwy 529.
Left on Hwy 529 for 4 miles to Hwy 362.
Right at the stop sign and go north 1/2 mile to Dewberry Farm on the left side of Hwy 362


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