Simple and Inexpensive Changes You Can Make to Upgrade Your Rental, Make it More Attractive and Get More Money!

In today’s market, there is no doubt that you have seen an increase of “upgraded,” “high-end finishes” being offered in residential properties for lease.  It might seem unimportant from an owner’s point of view to spend additional money on a home that will be leased. However, due to a slower market many owners are choosing to lease their homes rather than sell, resulting in a large inventory of homes for lease.  Whether, you decide to sell or lease your home making small improvements for a significantly low amount of money can make all the difference in getting your home noticed and getting more money in your pocket.


1. Light Fixtures

Standard fixtures are not only an eye sore, a potential renter will begin to wonder why they should spend more money on your property vs. getting the same interior for less at a different property.  Upgrading from a standard fixture to something a tad more luxurious can be a relatively inexpensive upgrade for your home. Pick good quality fixtures, with neutral characteristics and you will notice an immediate change in your home.

2. Matching Appliances

No one enjoys mismatched appliances, whether they are black, white, or stainless steel; make sure that your appliances match. Many apartments offer only black or stainless steel appliances, this is your competition! A veteran renter will know what they can get for their money and you want the veteran renters with great rental history to be your tenants.

3. No carpet

It is not very expensive nowadays to install tile, laminate wood flooring, hardwood flooring, etc.; getting rid of the carpet will completely change the entire feel of your property. Carpet is only desirable in bedrooms or the upstairs floor. Not to mention, carpet in high traffic areas, such as living and dining, is dirty and if your renters have pets, even dirtier. Think of non-carpeted flooring as a long term investment, you will not need to constantly repair and clean tile or wood flooring as you would with carpet.

4. No Wallpaper

Get rid of any wallpaper, not only are most wallpapers unattractive, they tend to be very taste specific. Stick to neutral paint colors, they will automatically create a feeling of simplicity and cleanliness.

5. Kitchen

Obviously, having a great kitchen is always a major selling point when it comes to a home. Older cabinets, unless they are extremely outdated can be dealt with, however, countertops need to be upgraded. Granite is now available in many types that make it less expensive and installation is relatively affordable. If granite is out of the question for you, go for textured laminate or faux granite. Installing a deeper sink and getting a newer faucet not only changes the appearance of your kitchen but is much appreciated by cooks! Cabinet handles can be found on sale at many hardware/interior stores, as well as, flea markets and the internet. Go buy some, even a small difference can add to the overall look of a home.