Amazingly, Delicious Colombian Cuisine: El Rincon Paisa

Located near Pine Forest on Hwy 6, El Rincon Paisa is exactly that; a quaint, shelter of delicious Colombian cuisine that I have been frequenting on a weekly basis to my dismay.  I try to avoid the thought of their delicious, “best in town” Empanadas but being that they truly are the best in town, I can’t. A perfect mix of meat and potato found in the most splendid flaky and crisp texture ever! How do I balance out this indulgent meal? By adding a side order of plantains with queso! Delicious! How do I reason with myself into accepting this as an acceptable weekly meal? My son loves the empanadas! It’s the only form of meat and potatoes that he will eat………a mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do! Visit El Rincon Paisa, you will NOT be disappointed, further incentive needed? They have fresh squeezed juices to go with your morning empanadas!


Open Tuesday through Sunday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-3am

Saturday 9am-4am

Closed Mondays

El Rincon Paisa Restaurante
4025 Highway 6 North Suite 101
Houston, TX 77084


(281) 858-4277