Katy Homes for Lease: Get More for Your Dollar!

I specialize in residential leasing in Houston. Clients are always asking me where they can get more for their money. Newer developments are the answer and you can find these newer homes outside of Houston, such as, Katy, TX. You can find homes for lease within Houston that are older and leasing for $1100 to $1400. In Katy you will find similar size (4 bedroom 1700 sq. ft.) and rental price, however because of the influx of new construction coinciding with the housing market crash, many people that bought these new homes and found themselves unable to sell are leasing them out. You can find a 4 bedroom, relatively newer construction home for lease at around $1350. I think that for Houston the idea that newer is better definitely applies. Older homes just can’t compete in terms of quality of construction and design of layouts. Especially in this humidity if older homes have not been taken care of or updated their age is apparent the moment you open the door.